Beats version 7.17.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix mixup of TLS validation on multiple hosts configuration 30305
  • Fix field names with add_network_direction processor. 29747 29751
  • Fix a logging bug when ssl.verification_mode was set to full or certificate, the command test output incorrectly logged that TLS was disabled.
  • Fix the ability for subcommands to be ran properly from the beats containers. 30452
  • Update docker/distribution dependency library to fix a security issues concerning OCI Manifest Type Confusion Issue. 30462


  • Fix broken Kafka input 29746 30277
  • cisco module: Fix change the broke ASA and FTD configs that used var.input: syslog. 30072
  • aws-s3: fix race condition in states used by s3-poller. 30123 30131
  • tcp/unix input: Stop accepting connections after socket is closed. 29712
  • Fix using log_group_name_prefix in aws-cloudwatch input. 29695
  • Fix multiple instances of the same module configured within filebeat.modules in filebeat.yml. 29649 29952


  • Add fonts to support more different types of characters for multiple languages. 29861
  • Fix missing mapping for 30324


  • Fixed missing ZooKeeper metrics due compatibility issues with versions >= 3.6.0 30068


  • Fix run loop when reading from evtx file 30006



  • Add support for /var/log/pods/ path for add_kubernetes_metadata processor with resource_type: pod. 28868
  • Add documentation for add_kubernetes_metadata processors log_path matcher. 28868