Beats version 7.13.2edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix ILM alias creation when write alias exists and initial index does not exist. 26146
  • Fix ILM setup log reporting that a policy or an alias was created, even though the creation of any resource was disabled. 24046 24480
  • Fix ILM alias not being created if setup.ilm.check_exists: false and setup.ilm.overwrite: true has been configured. 24480
  • Allow cgroup self-monitoring to see alternate hostfs paths. 24334
  • Fix make setup instructions for a new Beat. 24944
  • Fix out-of-date FreeBSD vagrantbox. 25652
  • Fix handling of file_selectors in aws-s3 input. 25792
  • Include date separator in the filename prefix of dateRotator to make sure nothing gets purged accidentally. 26176


  • auditd: Fix kernel deadlock when netlink congestion causes "no buffer space available" errors. 26031 26032


  • o365: Avoid mapping exception for Parameters and ExtendedProperties fields of string type. 26164