Beats version 5.0.0-alpha4edit

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Breaking changesedit

Affecting all Beats

  • The topology_expire option of the Elasticsearch output was removed. 1907


  • Stop following symlink. Symlinks are now ignored: 1686


Affecting all Beats

  • Reset backoff factor on partial ACK. 1803
  • Fix beats load balancer deadlock if max_retries: -1 or publish_async is enabled in filebeat. 1829
  • Fix logstash output with pipelining mode enabled not reconnecting. 1876
  • Empty configuration sections become merge-able with variables containing full path. 1900
  • Fix error message about required fields missing not printing the missing field name. 1900


  • Fix the CPU values returned for each core. 1863


  • Add missing nil-check to memcached GapInStream handler. 1162
  • Fix NFSv4 Operation returning the first found first-class operation available in compound requests. 1821
  • Fix TCP overlapping segments not being handled correctly. 1898


  • Fix issue with rendering forwarded event log records. 1891


Affecting all Beats

  • Improve error message if compiling regular expression from config files fails. 1900
  • Compression support in the Elasticsearch output. 1835


  • Add MongoDB module. 1837