Breaking changes in 7.16edit

See the release notes for a complete list of changes, including changes to beta or experimental functionality.

Journalbeat is removed in 7.16edit

Journalbeat, a lightweight shipper for collecting logs written by the Journald system service, is removed in 7.16. This functionality is instead provided as a Filebeat input. If you’re currently using Journalbeat, you should use the journald input in Filebeat instead. For more information, refer to the Journald input documentation.

If you’re using Elastic Agent instead of Beats, you can collect Journald logs by adding the Custom Journald logs integration to your agent policy. For more information, refer to Add an Elastic Agent integration to a policy.

Custom Beats generator is deprecated in 7.16edit

The generator code for creating custom Beats is deprecated in 7.16.0 and will be removed in 8.0.0. You can continue to build custom Beats using the generators available in 7.16, or refer to existing Beats as working examples.