Add cloud metadataedit

The add_cloud_metadata processor enriches each event with instance metadata from the machine’s hosting provider. At startup it will query a list of hosting providers and cache the instance metadata.

The following cloud providers are supported:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Tencent Cloud (QCloud)
  • Alibaba Cloud (ECS)
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Openstack Nova

The Alibaba Cloud and Tencent cloud providers are disabled by default, because they require to access a remote host. The providers setting allows users to select a list of default providers to query.

The simple configuration below enables the processor.

- add_cloud_metadata: ~

The add_cloud_metadata processor has three optional configuration settings. The first one is timeout which specifies the maximum amount of time to wait for a successful response when detecting the hosting provider. The default timeout value is 3s.

If a timeout occurs then no instance metadata will be added to the events. This makes it possible to enable this processor for all your deployments (in the cloud or on-premise).

The second optional setting is providers. The providers settings accepts a list of cloud provider names to be used. If providers is not configured, then all providers that do not access a remote endpoint are enabled by default.

List of names the providers setting supports:

  • "alibaba", or "ecs" for the Alibaba Cloud provider (disabled by default).
  • "azure" for Azure Virtual Machine (enabled by default).
  • "digitalocean" for Digital Ocean (enabled by default).
  • "aws", or "ec2" for Amazon Web Services (enabled by default).
  • "gcp" for Google Copmute Enging (enabled by default).
  • "openstack", or "nova" for Openstack Nova (enabled by default).
  • "tencent", or "qcloud" for Tencent Cloud (disabled by default).

The third optional configuration setting is overwrite. When overwrite is true, add_cloud_metadata overwrites existing cloud.* fields (false by default).

The metadata that is added to events varies by hosting provider. Below are examples for each of the supported providers.


  "cloud": {
    "": "123456789012",
    "availability_zone": "us-east-1c",
    "": "i-4e123456",
    "machine.type": "t2.medium",
    "": "ami-abcd1234",
    "provider": "aws",
    "region": "us-east-1"

Digital Ocean

  "cloud": {
    "": "1234567",
    "provider": "digitalocean",
    "region": "nyc2"


  "cloud": {
    "availability_zone": "us-east1-b",
    "": "1234556778987654321",
    "machine.type": "f1-micro",
    "": "my-dev",
    "provider": "gcp"

Tencent Cloud

  "cloud": {
    "availability_zone": "gz-azone2",
    "": "ins-qcloudv5",
    "provider": "qcloud",
    "region": "china-south-gz"

Alibaba Cloud

This metadata is only available when VPC is selected as the network type of the ECS instance.

  "cloud": {
    "availability_zone": "cn-shenzhen",
    "": "i-wz9g2hqiikg0aliyun2b",
    "provider": "ecs",
    "region": "cn-shenzhen-a"

Azure Virtual Machine

  "cloud": {
    "provider": "az",
    "": "04ab04c3-63de-4709-a9f9-9ab8c0411d5e",
    "": "test-az-vm",
    "machine.type": "Standard_D3_v2",
    "region": "eastus2"

Openstack Nova

  "cloud": {
    "": "test-998d932195.mycloud.tld",
    "": "i-00011a84",
    "availability_zone": "xxxx-az-c",
    "provider": "openstack",
    "machine.type": "m2.large"