Grant privileges and roles needed to read Heartbeat data from Kibanaedit

Kibana users typically need to view dashboards and visualizations that contain Heartbeat data. These users might also need to create and edit dashboards and visualizations.

To grant users the required privileges:

  1. Create a reader role, called something like heartbeat_reader, that has the following privilege:

    Type Privilege Purpose


    read on heartbeat-* indices

    Read data indexed by Heartbeat


    Read or All on Dashboards, Visualize, and Discover

    Allow the user to view, edit, and create dashboards, as well as browse data.


    Read or All on Kibana Uptime

    Allow the use of Kibana Uptime

  2. Assign the reader role, along with the following built-in roles, to users who need to read Heartbeat data:

    Role Purpose


    Allow users to monitor the health of Heartbeat itself. Only assign this role to users who manage Heartbeat.