Generate a fingerprint of an eventedit

The fingerprint processor generates a fingerprint of an event based on a specified subset of its fields.

The value that is hashed is constructed as a concatenation of the field name and field value separated by |. For example |field1|value1|field2|value2|.

  - fingerprint:
      fields: ["field1", "field2", ...]

The following settings are supported:

List of fields to use as the source for the fingerprint. The list will be alphabetically sorted by the processor.
(Optional) Whether to ignore missing fields. Default is false.
(Optional) Field in which the generated fingerprint should be stored. Default is fingerprint.
(Optional) Algorithm to use for computing the fingerprint. Must be one of: md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512, xxhash. Default is sha256.
(Optional) Encoding to use on the fingerprint value. Must be one of hex, base32, or base64. Default is hex.