Add fieldsedit

The add_fields processor adds additional fields to the event. Fields can be scalar values, arrays, dictionaries, or any nested combination of these. The add_fields processor will overwrite the target field if it already exists. By default the fields that you specify will be grouped under the fields sub-dictionary in the event. To group the fields under a different sub-dictionary, use the target setting. To store the fields as top-level fields, set target: ''.

(Optional) Sub-dictionary to put all fields into. Defaults to fields.
Fields to be added.

For example, this configuration:

  - add_fields:
      target: project
        name: myproject
        id: '574734885120952459'

Adds these fields to any event:

  "project": {
    "name": "myproject",
    "id": "574734885120952459"