Frequently asked questionsedit

This section contains frequently asked questions about Functionbeat. Also check out the Functionbeat discussion forum.

Error loading config file?edit

You may encounter errors loading the config file on POSIX operating systems if:

  • an unauthorized user tries to load the config file, or
  • the config file has the wrong permissions.

See Config File Ownership and Permissions for more about resolving these errors.

Found Unexpected or Unknown Characters?edit

Either there is a problem with the structure of your config file, or you have used a path or expression that the YAML parser cannot resolve because the config file contains characters that aren’t properly escaped.

If the YAML file contains paths with spaces or unusual characters, wrap the paths in single quotation marks (see Wrap paths in single quotation marksedit).

Also see the general advice under YAML tips and gotchas.

Monitoring UI shows fewer Beats than expectededit

If you are running multiple Beat instances on the same host, make sure they each have a distinct value.