Drop fields from eventsedit

The drop_fields processor specifies which fields to drop if a certain condition is fulfilled. The condition is optional. If it’s missing, the specified fields are always dropped. The @timestamp and type fields cannot be dropped, even if they show up in the drop_fields list.

  - drop_fields:
      fields: ["field1", "field2", ...]
      ignore_missing: false

See Conditions for a list of supported conditions.

If you define an empty list of fields under drop_fields, then no fields are dropped.

The drop_fields processor has the following configuration settings:

If non-empty, a list of matching field names will be removed. Any element in array can contain a regular expression delimited by two slashes (/reg_exp/), in order to match (name) and remove more than one field.
(Optional) If true the processor will not return an error when a specified field does not exist. Defaults to false.