Okta moduleedit

The Okta module collects events from the Okta API. Specifically this supports reading from the Okta System Log API.

Variable settingsedit

Each fileset has separate variable settings for configuring the behavior of the module. If you don’t specify variable settings, the okta module uses the defaults.

For advanced use cases, you can also override input settings. See Override input settings.

When you specify a setting at the command line, remember to prefix the setting with the module name, for example, okta.system.var.paths instead of system.var.paths.

system fileset settingsedit

The Okta System Log records system events related to your organization in order to provide an audit trail that can be used to understand platform activity and to diagnose problems. This module is implemented using the httpjson input and is configured to paginate through the logs while honoring any rate-limiting headers sent by Okta.

This is an example configuration for the module.

- module: okta
    var.url: https://yourOktaDomain/api/v1/logs
    var.api_key: '00QCjAl4MlV-WPXM...0HmjFx-vbGua'
Configuration optionsedit

Specifies the URL to the Okta System Log API. Required.

    var.url: https://mycompany.okta.com/api/v1/logs

Specifies the Okta API token to use in requests to the API. Required. The token is used in an HTTP Authorization header with the SSWS scheme. See Create an API token for information on how to obtain a token.

    var.api_key: '00QCjAl4MlV-WPXM...0HmjFx-vbGua'
Duration of the time limit on HTTP requests made by the module. Defaults to 60s.
Duration between requests to the API. Defaults to 60s.
Boolean flag indicating if the original JSON event string should be included in the event.original field. Defaults to true.

Configuration options for SSL parameters like the certificate authority to use for HTTPS-based connections. If the ssl section is missing, the host CAs are used for HTTPS connections to Okta. See SSL for more information.

      supported_protocols: [TLSv1.2]

An initial interval can be defined. The first time the module starts, will fetch events from the current moment minus the initial interval value. Following restarts will fetch events starting from the last event read. It defaults to 24h.

    var.initial_interval: 24h # will fetch events starting 24h ago.

Example dashboardedit

This module comes with a sample dashboard:

filebeat okta dashboard


For a description of each field in the module, see the exported fields section.