Create Elasticsearch index enginesedit

You may create engines from either:

  • Non-hidden indices or aliases for non-hidden indices
  • Hidden indices prefixed with .ent-search-engine-documents

If the index or alias you choose does not start with search-, the Enterprise Search UI will create and use an alias starting with search- on your behalf.

See the create or update alias API in the Elasticsearch documentation for more details on creating aliases.

The App Search UI for creating an Elasticsearch index engine will create a search- prefixed alias for you from any non-hidden index.

Elasticsearch index engines do not support using an Elasticsearch alias that refers to multiple indices. Use an Elasticsearch alias that refers to only one index.

To provide interoperability with Workplace Search content sources, App Search also supports creating an engine from a hidden index prefixed with .ent-search-engine-documents.

Create Elasticsearch index engines using the App Search UI:

  1. On the Engines page, press the Create engine button.
  2. Choose Elasticsearch index-based and Continue.
  3. Provide a name for the new engine to create.
  4. Choose an Elasticsearch index or alias and Continue.
  5. Configure dynamic field mappings and analyzers (optional).
A picture of the screen to create an engine from an Elasticsearch index. An existing Elasticsearch alias is selected.
Figure 1. Create an Elasticsearch index engine