Track which results were clicked after a query.

This information will be collected and shown in the Analytics tab of your App Search dashboard.

POST /api/as/v1/engines/{ENGINE_NAME}/click
query (required)
The query that the user searched with.
document_id (required)
The id of the document that was clicked on.
request_id (optional)
The request id returned in the meta tag of a search API response.
tags (optional)
Array of strings representing additional information you wish to track with the clickthrough.


curl -X POST '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer search-soaewu2ye6uc45dr8mcd54v8' \
-d '{
  "query": "everglade",
  "request_id": "e4c4dea0bd7ad3d2f676575ef16dc7d2",
  "document_id": "park_zion",
  "tags": ["firefox", "web browser"]

What’s Next?edit

Clickthrough data is rich. Generate it from your applications for great insights into searcher behaviour. If you want to learn even more, the Analytics endpoint will provide a clear view into user search activity and document performance. If you want to start improving your results, consider reading about Synonyms and Curations.