Click APIedit

Track which results were clicked after a query.

This information will be collected and shown in the Analytics tab of your App Search dashboard.

query (required)
The query that the user searched with.
document_id (required)
The id of the document that was clicked on.
request_id (optional)
The request id returned in the meta tag of a search API response.
tags (optional)
Array of strings representing additional information you wish to track with the clickthrough. You may submit up to 16 tags, and each may be up to 64 characters in length.


curl -X POST '<ENTERPRISE_SEARCH_BASE_URL>/api/as/v1/engines/national-parks-demo/click' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer search-soaewu2ye6uc45dr8mcd54v8' \
-d '{
  "query": "everglade",
  "request_id": "e4c4dea0bd7ad3d2f676575ef16dc7d2",
  "document_id": "park_zion",
  "tags": ["firefox", "web-browser"]

What’s Next?edit

Clickthrough data is rich. Generate it from your applications for great insights into searcher behaviour. If you want to learn even more, the Analytics endpoint will provide a clear view into user search activity and document performance. If you want to start improving your results, consider reading about Synonyms and Curations.