APM Server version 8.0edit

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APM Server version 8.0.0-alpha2edit

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No significant changes.

APM Server version 8.0.0-alpha1edit

Breaking Changesedit
  • APM Server now responds with 403 (HTTP) and PermissionDenied (gRPC) for authenticated but unauthorized requests 5545
  • sourcemap.error and sourcemap.updated are no longer set due to failing to find a matching source map 5631
  • [experimental] This breaking change applies to the experimental APM integration (Elastic Agent). Removed service.name from dataset 5451
Intake API Changesedit
  • Add support for composite spans in the intake API 5661
  • Upgrade Go to 1.16.5 5454
  • Add HTTP span fields as top level ECS fields 5396
  • Introduce apm-server.auth.anonymous.* config 5623
  • Upgrade Go to 1.16.6 5754
  • Introduce ingest pipeline apm_data_stream_migration for migrating pre-data stream indices {5768}[5768]