APM Server version 7.0.0edit

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These release notes include all changes made in the alpha, beta, and RC releases of 7.0.0.

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  • Perform Basic license check on Elasticsearch connect 2077.
  • Update Elastic APM Go agent to v1.1.2 1711, 1728.
  • Update response format of the healthcheck handler and prettyfy all JSON responses 1748.
  • Add transaction.type to error data 1781.
  • Change ownership to apm-server user/group for deb/rpm installs 1833.
  • Add observer.version_major 1857.
  • Move default index configuration to code 1865.
  • Change default user-agent pipeline to index information under root key user_agent 1871.
  • Use _doc as document type for Elasticsearch >= 7.0.0 beats/9057.
  • Automatically cap signed integers to 63bits beats/8991.
  • Build default distribution under the Elastic License. 1645.
  • Log to journald under systemd by default rather than file. To revert this behaviour override BEAT_LOG_OPTS with an empty value beats/8942 via 1645.


  • Remove support for deprecated Intake v1 endpoints. More information, 1731.
  • Remove concurrent_requests setting and use number of CPUs instead 1749.
  • Remove frontend setting 1751.
  • Remove metrics.enabled setting 1759.
  • Remove dashboards from being shipped with APM Server and all logic around them 1815.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fix index template always being overwritten 2077.
  • Ensure setup cmd uses expected configuration 1934.
  • Ensure host.name is not added 1934, 1982.
  • Ensure enabling user-agent pipeline indexes data at the same key by default 1966.
  • Request and Response headers are stored in a canonicalized way 1966.
  • Use changed processor handling from libbeat 1982.

Breaking Changesedit

  • Move fields in ES to be ECS compliant. More information, 1766,1783,1813,1836,1838,1844,1848,1849,1863,1870.
  • Rename transaction.span_count.dropped.total to transaction.span_count.dropped 1809.
  • Rename span.hex_id to span.id 1811.
  • Index error.exception as array of objects 1825
  • Change transaction.name to keyword, add transaction.name.text 1859.
  • Change error.culprit to keyword, limit length on intake 1859.