APM Server version 7.6.0edit

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Intake API Changesedit

  • Add support for span.context.db.rows_affected 3095.
  • Add support for classname as stacktrace frame attribute 3096.
  • Add support for message.* information for spans and transactions 3104.


  • Adds support for global labels in spans 2806.
  • Updated go.elastic.co/apm to v1.6.0, enabling central config 2913.
  • Use go-elasticsearch client for fetching sourcemaps from Elasticsearch 2897.
  • Try to extract IP address from headers before using socket remote_address for client.ip and source.ip 2935.
  • Only use extracted hostname when valid IP for enriching events 2935.
  • Added experimental support for continuous profiling of the server 2839.
  • Build UBI based images also 2994.
  • Adds support for API Key authorization for incoming requests 3004.
  • Add experimental support for receiving Jaeger trace data 3129.
  • Upgrade APM Go agent to 1.7.0, and add support for API Key auth for self-instrumentation 3134.
  • Add correlation for server trace/log data 3136.
  • Add subcommand to create API Keys 3063.
  • Upgrade Go to 1.13.7 3264.