APM Server version 7.5.0edit

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Breaking Changesedit

  • Introduce dedicated ILM setup flags and ignore setup.template.* flags for ILM 2764, 2877.
  • Remove ILM specific templates from apm-server export template command 2764.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fix a denial of service flaw when parsing malformed DSA public keys in Go. If APM Server is configured to accept incoming TLS connections with client authentication enabled, a remote attacker could cause the APM Server to stop processing events (CVE-2019-17596). See Elastic security issues.


  • Add service.node.configured_name to Intake API and transform to service.node.name for ES output 2746.
  • Index value from client.ip in source.ip for ECS compatibility 2771.
  • Make ILM policies configurable 2764.
  • Add support for agent config GA 2747.
  • Change ILM default policies to rollover after 30 days 2798.
  • Introduce apm-server.ilm.setup.overwrite config option and stop overwriting by default 2877.
  • Upgrade Go to 1.12.12 2922.