APM Server version 6.6.0edit

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  • Set some configuration defaults (setup.template.settings.index.*, logging.metrics.enabled) in code 1494.
  • Add span.sync property to intake json spec and index field in ES. 1548.
  • Make service.framework properties optional and nullable 1546.
  • Add optional span.subtype and span.action properties. 1618.
  • Add transaction.sampled to errors 1662.
  • Lookup sourcemaps by full URL and URL path only 1661.
  • Update Go to 1.10.8 1832.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fix index pattern bundled with Kibana to be in sync with ES template 1571.
  • Ensure all transaction.marks.*.* values are stored as scaled floats 1704.
  • Prevent slice out of bounds panic when sourcemap line numbers are off 1764.