Breaking Changesedit

APM Server is built on top of libbeat. As such, any breaking change in libbeat is also considered to be a breaking change in APM Server.


  • There are no breaking changes in APM Server. However, a previously hardcoded feature is now configurable. Failing to follow these upgrade steps will result in increased span metadata ingestion when upgrading to version 7.7.


  • There are no breaking changes in APM Server.


  • Introduced dedicated apm-server.ilm.setup.* flags. This means you can now customize ILM behavior from within the APM Server configuration. As a side effect, setup.template.* settings will be ignored for ILM related templates per event type. See set up ILM for more information.
  • By default, ILM policies will not longer be versioned. All event types will switch to the new default policy: rollover after 30 days or when reaching a size 50gb. See default policy for more information.
  • To make use of all the new features introduced in 7.5, you must ensure you are using version 7.5+ of APM Server and version 7.5+ of Kibana.




  • Indexing the onboarding document in it’s own index by default.



  • APM Server GA