APM version 8.9edit

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APM version 8.9.2edit

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Bug fixesedit
  • Add back handling of queue.* config for libbeat outputs, such as logstash and kafka 11534

APM version 8.9.1edit

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No significant changes.

APM version 8.9.0edit

Bug fixesedit
  • Limit the amount of concurrent OTLP requests being processed in parallel 10987.
  • Added CA certificates bundle to the Docker images 11015
  • Derivation of transaction and span type from OTLP spans is now deterministic 11036
  • Populate span.id and transaction.id for logs derived from OTLP spans 11038
Intake API Changesedit
  • Span events now default to having a representative count of 1, if no sample_rate field is sent by the agent 10792
  • Span events now carry host and service.version attributes. 10697
  • Accept more options in agentcfg ES config; Reliably use agent.config.elasticsearch and rum.source_mapping.elasticsearch credentials when merging with output.elasticsearch credentials 10783
  • Emit service destination metrics when only service.target.* fields are set. 10922
  • apmpackage: Remove timeseries.instance in ingest pipeline for pre-8.6 compatibility 10973
  • apmpackage: Use "dynamic: runtime" instead of strict mapping for internal, TBS, and aggregation indices 10968
  • Corrected as of 5 July 2023 to align with the correct license text for Elastic License 2.0 11120