APM version 8.11edit

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APM version 8.11.1edit

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No significant changes.

APM version 8.11.0edit

Breaking Changesedit
  • The ecs.version field has been removed from APM data streams 11632
Bug fixesedit
  • Add back gzip support for grpc otlp endpoint 11434
  • Correctly mark jvm.memory.non_heap.pool.* and jvm.fd.* metrics as internal 11303
  • Fix tail-based sampling discarding low throughput and low sample rate traces 11642
  • Add memory based autoscaling for service destination aggregation groups 11739
  • Support and define DLM data retention period in the apmpackage 11539
  • Expose new metrics into the local batch processor 11582
  • Add geoip processing to app_logs ingest pipeline on client.ip 11699