APM version 8.10edit

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APM version 8.10.2edit

No significant changes.

APM version 8.10.1edit

Bug fixesedit

Fix tail-based sampling discarding low throughput and low sample rate traces 11642

APM version 8.10.0edit

Breaking Changesedit
  • Aggregated metrics now consider global labels to be part of a service’s identity, and high cardinality global labels may cause services to be obscured 11386
  • Event protobuf encoding for tail-based sampling changed (to a more efficient encoding) for event timestamp and duration 11386
Bug fixesedit
  • Add back handling of queue.* config for libbeat outputs, such as logstash and kafka 11534
  • Fix panic on missing transaction.dropped_spans_stats.duration field 11117
Intake API Changesedit
  • null is no longer an acceptable value for context.http.request.headers and context.http.response.headers 11386
  • Add a self-instrumentation transaction to the source map periodic refresh action. 11116
  • Add a self-instrumentation transaction to the agent config periodic refresh action. 11129
  • Stop dropping metadata fields from span documents. 11089
  • Add permissions to reroute events in the integration package. 11168
Aggregation changes and improvements (except for 386 architecture)edit
  • Replace aggregation with LSM-based aggregator which has a lower memory footprint 11117
  • Add service.language.name to service destination metrics 11117
  • Modify per-service transaction groups limit to consider more than service.name; Add per-service service destination groups limit and per-service service transaction groups limit 11117
  • All aggregations share the MaxServices limit 11117