keystore commandedit

Manages the secrets keystore.


apm-server keystore SUBCOMMAND [FLAGS]


add KEY
Adds the specified key to the keystore. Use the --force flag to overwrite an existing key. Use the --stdin flag to pass the value through stdin.
Creates a keystore to hold secrets. Use the --force flag to overwrite the existing keystore.
Lists the keys in the keystore.
remove KEY
Removes the specified key from the keystore.


Valid with the add and create subcommands. When used with add, overwrites the specified key. When used with create, overwrites the keystore.
When used with add, uses the stdin as the source of the key’s value.
-h, --help
Shows help for the keystore command.

Also see Global flags.


apm-server keystore create
apm-server keystore add ES_PWD
apm-server keystore remove ES_PWD
apm-server keystore list

See Secrets keystore for more examples.