export commandedit

Exports the configuration, index template, or ILM policy to stdout. You can use this command to quickly view your configuration or see the contents of the index template or the ILM policy.


apm-server export SUBCOMMAND [FLAGS]


Exports the current configuration to stdout. If you use the -c flag, this command exports the configuration that’s defined in the specified file.
Exports the index template to stdout. You can specify the --es.version and --index flags to further define what gets exported. Furthermore you can export the template to a file instead of stdout by defining a directory via --dir.
Exports the index lifecycle management policy to stdout. You can specify the --es.version and a --dir to which the policy should be exported as a file rather than exporting to stdout.


--es.version VERSION
When used with template, exports an index template that is compatible with the specified version. When used with ilm-policy, exports the ILM policy if the specified ES version is enabled for ILM.
-h, --help
Shows help for the export command.
--index BASE_NAME
When used with template, sets the base name to use for the index template. If this flag is not specified, the default base name is apm-server.
Define a directory to which the template and ILM policy should be exported to as files instead of printing them to stdout.

Also see Global flags.


apm-server export config
apm-server export template --es.version 8.1.0 --index myindexname