Grant privileges and roles needed for writing eventsedit

This documentation refers to configuring the standalone (legacy) APM Server. This method of running APM Server will be deprecated and removed in a future release. Please consider upgrading to Fleet and the APM integration.

APM users that publish events to Elasticsearch need privileges to write to APM data streams.

General writer roleedit

To grant an APM user the required privileges for writing events to Elasticsearch:

  1. Create a general writer role, called something like apm_writer, that has the following privileges:

    Type Privilege Purpose


    auto_configure on traces-apm*, logs-apm*, and metrics-apm* indices

    Permits auto-creation of indices and data streams


    create_doc on traces-apm*, logs-apm*, and metrics-apm* indices

    Write events into Elasticsearch

  2. If real user monitoring is enabled, additional privileges are required to read source maps. See RUM source map API for more details. Assign these extra privileges to the general writer role.
  3. Assign the general writer role to users who need to publish APM data.