Configure transaction metricsedit

This documentation refers to configuring the standalone (legacy) APM Server. This method of running APM Server will be deprecated and removed in a future release. Please consider upgrading to Fleet and the APM integration.

APM Server produces transaction histogram metrics that are used to power the APM app. Shifting this responsibility from APM app to APM Server removes the need to store unsampled transactions, reducing storage costs.

Example config file:

      interval: 1m

Configuration options: apm-server.aggregation.transactions.*edit


Controls the frequency of metrics publication.

Default: 1m.


Maximum number of transaction groups to keep track of. Once exceeded, APM Server devolves into recording a metrics document for each transaction that is not in one of the transaction groups being tracked.

Default: 10000.


The fixed, worst-case percentage error (specified as a number of significant digits) to maintain for recorded metrics. Supported values are 1 through 5. See HDR histogram for more information.

Default: 2.