APM version 7.5.0edit

To make use of all the new features introduced in 7.5, you must ensure you are using version 7.5+ of APM Server and version 7.5+ of Kibana.

APM app in Kibana

  • Aggregate Service Breakdown Charts is GA. Visualize where your applications and services are spending most of their time, and find the root cause of a performance problem quickly. Not yet available for the .NET Agent.
Aggregate Service Breakdown Charts
  • APM Agent remote configuration is GA. View and edit certain configurations directly in Kibana without having to restart your Agents. In 7.5, we’re introducing two additional configurations:

    • CAPTURE_BODY - Optionally capture the request body of an HTTP transaction.
    • TRANSACTION_MAX_SPANS - Limit the number of spans recorded per transaction.

In addition, Agent remote configuration now supports all services and environments. This means you can configure multiple services and environments in just one setting.

APM Agent configuration
  • JVM instance level visibility: It’s easier than ever to troubleshoot your individual JVM instances. Select a JVM to see individual CPU usage, memory usage, heap or non-heap memory, thread count, garbage collection rate, and garbage collection time spent per minute.
JVM instance level visibility