APM version 7.2.0edit

New featuresedit

APM Server

  • Added support for index lifecycle management (ILM): ILM enables you to automate how you want to manage your indices over time, by automating rollovers to a new index when the existing index reaches a specified size or age.
  • Added Geo-IP processing to the default ingest pipeline: Pipelines are still disabled by default, but activation now includes a new Geo-IP pipeline. The Geo-IP pipeline takes an extracted IP address from RUM events and stores it in the client.geo field. This makes it much easier to use location data in Kibana’s Visualize maps and Maps app directly:
Kibana maps app


  • APM + Uptime integration: APM transactions now include links to the Uptime UI when data is available.
  • Added a global filter for service environments: You can now easily name and switch between environments in the APM UI.
  • Added support for agent specific metrics: Java is the first to get custom metrics in the APM UI, with more agents to follow.