Step 5: Configure APMedit

Now that you’re up and running with Elastic APM, you may want to adjust some configuration settings. Luckily, there are many different ways to tweak and tune the Elastic ecosystem to adapt it to your needs.

Configure APM agentsedit

APM agents have a number of configuration options that allow you to fine tune things like environment names, sampling rates, instrumentations, metrics, and more.

Configure Elastic Cloudedit

If you’re running APM Server in Elastic cloud, you can configure your own user settings right in the Elasticsearch Service Console. Any changes are automatically appended to the apm-server.yml configuration file for your instance.

Full details are available in the APM user settings documentation.

Configure a self installationedit

If you’ve installed APM Server yourself, you can edit the apm-server.yml configuration file to make changes. More information is available in configuring APM Server.

Don’t forget to also read about securing APM Server, and monitoring APM Server.