7.12.0 APM Breaking changesedit

There are three breaking changes to be aware of; these changes only impact users ingesting data with Jaeger clients.

  • Leading 0s are no longer removed from Jaeger client trace/span ids.

    This change ensures distributed tracing continues to work across platforms by creating consistent, full trace/span IDs from Jaeger clients, Elastic APM agents, and OpenTelemetry SDKs.

  • Jaeger spans will now have a type of "app" where they previously were "custom".

    If the Jaeger span type is not inferred, it will now be "app". This aligns with the OpenTelemetry Collector exporter and improves the functionality of the time spent by span type charts in the APM app.

  • Jaeger spans may now have a more accurate outcome of "unknown".

    Previously, a "success" outcome was assumed when a span didn’t fail. The new default assigns "unknown", and only sets an outcome of "success" or "failure" when the outcome is explicitly known. This change aligns with Elastic APM agents and the OpenTelemetry Collector exporter.