The Elastic APM Real User Monitoring (RUM) JavaScript Agent provides detailed performance metrics and error tracking of your web applications. It has built-in support for popular platforms and frameworks, and an API for custom instrumentation.

The Agent also supports distributed tracing for all outgoing requests. This enables you to analyze performance throughout your microservice architecture — all in one view.

How does the Agent work?edit

The RUM Agent automatically instruments the following:

  • Page load metrics
  • Load time of Static Assets
  • API requests (XMLHttpRequest and Fetch)

The agent uses the Navigation Timing API and Resource Timing API available in the browser to instrument the page load performance and static assets load times.

The agent automatically captures all outgoing http requests, by instrumenting both XHR and Fetch API requests from the webpage to backend servers.

For all transactions, the agent automatically captures breakdown metrics.

Additional Componentsedit

APM Agents work in conjunction with the APM Server, Elasticsearch, and Kibana. The APM Guide provides details on how these components work together, and provides a matrix outlining Agent and Server compatibility.