Supported technologiesedit

The Elastic APM Ruby Agent has built-in support for many frameworks and libraries. Generally, we want to support all of the most popular libraries. If your favorite is missing, feel free to request it in an issue, or better yet, create a pull request.


We follow Ruby’s own maintenance policy and officially support all currently maintained versions per Ruby Maintenance Branches.

Web Frameworks and Librariesedit

We have automatic support for Ruby on Rails and all Rack compatible web frameworks.

We test against all supported minor versions of Rails and Sinatra.

Ruby on Railsedit

We currently support all versions of Rails since 4.2. This follows Rails' own Security policy.

See Getting started with Rails.


We currently support all versions of Sinatra since 1.0.

See Getting started with Rack.


We automatically instrument database actions using:

  • ActiveRecord (v4.2+)
  • Elasticsearch (v0.9+)
  • Mongo (v2.1+)
  • Redis (v3.1+)
  • Sequel (v4.35+)

External HTTP requestsedit

We automatically instrument and add support for distributed tracing to external requests using these libraries:

  • net/http
  • Http.rb (v0.6+)
  • Faraday (v0.2.1+)