Upgrading to version 5 of the agentedit

APM Server 7.3 required for some featuresedit

APM Server and Kibana 7.3 introduced support for collecting breakdown metrics, and central configuration of APM agents. To use these features, please update the Python agent to 5.0+ and APM Server / Kibana to 7.3+

Tags renamed to Labelsedit

To better align with other parts of the Elastic Stack and the Elastic Common Schema, we renamed "tags" to "labels", and introduced limited support for typed labels. While tag values were only allowed to be strings, label values can be strings, booleans, or numerical.

To benefit from this change, ensure that you run at least APM Server 6.7, and use elasticapm.label() instead of elasticapm.tag(). The tag() API will continue to work as before, but emit a DeprecationWarning. It will be removed in 6.0 of the agent.