Python Agent version 6.xedit

6.1.3 - 2021/04/28edit

Bug fixesedit
  • added destination information to asyncpg instrumentation #1115
  • fixed issue with collecting request meta data with Django REST Framework #1117
  • fixed httpx instrumentation for newly released httpx 0.18.0 #1118

6.1.2 - 2021/04/14edit

Bug fixesedit
  • fixed issue with empty transaction name for the root route with Django #1095
  • fixed on-the-fly initialisation of Flask apps #1099

v6.1.1 - 2021/04/08edit

Bug fixesedit
  • fixed a validation issue with the newly introduced instrumentation for S3, SNS and DynamoDB #1090

v6.1.0 - 2021/03/31edit

  • Add global access to Client singleton object at elasticapm.get_client() #1043
  • Add log_ecs_formatting config option #1058 #1063
  • Add instrumentation for httplib2 #1031
  • Add better instrumentation for some AWS services (S3, SNS, DynamoDB) #1054
  • Added beta support for collecting metrics from prometheus_client #1083
Bug fixesedit
  • Fix for potential capture_body: error hang in Starlette/FastAPI #1038
  • Fix a rare error around processing stack frames #1012
  • Fix for Starlette/FastAPI to correctly capture request bodies as strings #1041
  • Fix transaction names for Starlette Mount routes #1037
  • Fix for elastic excepthook arguments #1050
  • Fix issue with remote configuration when resetting config values #1068
  • Use a label for the elasticapm Django app that is compatible with Django 3.2 validation #1064
  • Fix an issue with undefined routes in Starlette #1076

v6.0.0 - 2021/02/01edit

Breaking changesedit
  • Python 2.7 and 3.5 support has been deprecated. The Python agent now requires Python 3.6+ #1021
  • No longer collecting body for elasticsearch-py update and delete_by_query #1013
  • Align sanitize_field_names config with the cross-agent spec. If you are using a non-default sanitize_field_names, surrounding each of your entries with stars (e.g. *secret*) will retain the old behavior. #982
  • Remove credit card sanitization for field values. This improves performance, and the security value of this check was dubious anyway. #982
  • Remove HTTP querystring sanitization. This improves performance, and is meant to standardize behavior across the agents, as defined in #982
  • Remove elasticapm.tag() (deprecated since 5.0.0) #1034
Bug fixesedit
  • Fix for GraphQL span spamming from scalar fields with required flag #1015