Python Agent version 4.xedit

v4.2.2 - 2019/04/10edit

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  • Fixed an issue with Celery and the prefork worker pool #444
  • Fixed an issue when running uwsgi without a master process #446
  • Fixed an issue with gevent/eventlet on Python 3.7 #451, #454
  • Introduced IntervalTimer and use it instead of threading.Timer #452
  • Added license header check as pre-commit hook #456

v4.2.1 - 2019/03/22edit

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  • Fixed an issue with the certificate pinning feature introduced in 4.2.0 #433, #434
  • Fixed incompatibility with eventlet introduced in 4.2.0 #435, #436

v4.2.0 - 2019/03/20edit

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  • Implemented a new transport queue, which should avoid certain deadlock scenarios #411
  • Implemented server certificate pinning #405
  • Moved context.url to context.http.url for requests/urllib3 spans #393, #394
  • Added support for using route as transaction name in Django 2.2+ #86, #396
  • Added some randomness to time between requests to APM Server #426
  • Fixed an issue with custom user models in Django using non-string usernames #397, #398
  • Fixed an issue with sending kubernetes metadata to the API #401, #402
  • Fixed an issue with parsing /proc/stat in RHEL/centos 6 #406, #407
  • Added copyright header to all files, and a CI check #429

v4.1.0 - 2019/01/29edit

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  • Added support for collecting system and process metrics #361
  • Added an OpenTracing bridge #388
  • Added transaction.sampled to errors #371
  • Added transaction.type to errors #391
  • Added parsing of /proc/self/cgroup to capture container meta data #352
  • Added option to configure logging for Flask using a log level #344
  • Added capture_headers config option #392

v4.0.3 - 2018/12/24edit

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  • Implemented de-dotting of tag names and context keys #353
  • wrote a quickfix for the boto3/botocore instrumentation #367
  • Fixed an issue with psycopg2 and encoded strings #366

v4.0.2 - 2018/12/05edit

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  • Fixed another issue in the new v2 transport #351

v4.0.1 - 2018/11/16edit

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  • Fixed an issue with instrumenting redis-py 3.0+
  • Fixed a multithreading issue that occurs when using threaded workers #335

v4.0.0 - 2018/11/14edit

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BREAKING Version 4 of the agent implements a new wire protocol for communicating with the APM Server. This format is only supported in APM Server 6.5+.

Further breaking changes:

  • The undocumented AsyncioHTTPTransport has been removed.
  • The flush_interval and max_queue_size settings have been removed.
  • new settings introduced: api_request_time and api_request_size.
  • Some settings now require a unit for duration or size. See documentation on configuration for more information.
  • The option to provide a custom date for exceptions and messages has been removed.

Other changes: * on Python 3.7, use contextvars instead of threadlocals for storing current transaction and span. This is a necessary precursor for full asyncio support. #291