Python Agent version 3.xedit

v3.0.2 - 2018/10/17edit

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  • Fixed an issue with detecting names of wrapped functions that are partials #294
  • Fixed a bug in Flask instrumentation that could appear together with FlaskAPI #286

v3.0.1 - 2018/08/30edit

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  • Added sanitization for Set-Cookie response headers #264
  • Added instrumentation for the non-standard Connection.execute() method for SQLite3 #271
  • Added "authorization" to list of sensitive keywords, to ensure that "Authorization" HTTP headers are properly sanitized #275
  • Taught the Logbook handler how to handle the stack=False option #278
  • Fixed a race condition with managing the timer-send thread #279

v3.0.0 - 2018/07/20edit

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  • adapted "black" code formatter for this repository #262
  • BREAKING: dropped support for Python 3.3 #242
  • BREAKING: changed order of precedence when evaluating configuration #255, #261
  • BREAKING: changed default value of span_frames_min_duration setting from -1 (always collect) to 5 (only collect for spans longer than 5 ms) #243
  • added instrumentation for pymssql #241
  • added instrumentation for pyodbc #238