Supported Technologiesedit

This page describes the technologies supported by the Elastic APM Go agent.

If your favorite technology is not supported yet, you can vote for it by participating in our survey, or joining the conversation in the Discuss forum. We will use the results of the survey and Discuss topics to add support for the most requested technologies.

If you would like to get more involved, take a look at the contributing guide.


The Elastic APM Go agent naturally requires Go. We will support, at a minimum, the last two major Go releases as described by Go’s Release Policy. Older versions of Go will be supported on a best-effort basis.

We currently test the agent with all major versions of Go since 1.8. Some integration modules may require a more recent version of Go due to third-party dependencies.

Web Frameworksedit

We support several third-party web frameworks, as well as Go’s standard net/http package. Regardless of the framework, we create a transaction for each incoming request, and name the transaction after the registered route.


julienschmidt/httprouter does not use semantic versioning, but its API is relatively stable. Any recent version should be compatible with the Elastic APM Go agent.

See module/apmhttprouter for more information about httprouter instrumentation.


We support the Echo web framework, v3.3.5 and greater.

We provide different packages for the Echo v3 and v4 versions: module/apmecho for Echo v3.x, and module/apmechov4 for Echo v4.x.

See module/apmecho for more information about Echo instrumentation.


We support the Gin web framework, v1.2 and greater.

See module/apmgin for more information about Gin instrumentation.


We support the Beego web framework, v1.10.0 and greater.

See module/apmbeego for more information about Beego instrumentation.


We support gorilla/mux v1.6.1 and greater. Older versions are not supported due to the use of gorilla.Middleware.

See module/apmgorilla for more information about gorilla/mux instrumentation.


We support go-restful, 2.0.0 and greater.

See module/apmrestful for more information about go-restful instrumentation.


We support chi, v4.0.0 and greater.

See module/apmchi for more information about chi instrumentation.


We support negroni, v1.0.0 and greater.

See module/apmnegroni for more information about negroni instrumentation.



We support tracing requests with any database/sql driver, provided the driver is registered with the Elastic APM Go agent. Spans will be created for each statemented executed.

When using one of the following drivers, the Elastic APM Go agent will be able to parse the datasource name, and provide more context in the spans it emits:

See module/apmsql for more information about database/sql instrumentation.


We support the GORM object-relational mapping library, v1.9 and greater. Spans will be created for each create, query, update, and delete operation.

As with database/sql support we provide additional support for the postgres, mysql, and sqlite dialects.

See module/apmgorm for more information about GORM instrumentation.


We support the go-pg/pg PostgreSQL ORM, v8.0.4. Spans will be created for each database operation.

See module/apmgopg for more information about go-pg instrumentation.

Cassandra (gocql)edit

GoCQL does not have a stable API, so we will provide support for the most recent API, and older versions of the API on a best-effort basis. Spans will be created for each query. When the batch API is used, a span will be created for the batch, and a sub-span is created for each query in the batch.

See module/apmgocql for more information about GoCQL instrumentation.

Redis (gomodule/redigo)edit

We support Redigo, v2.0.0 and greater. We provide helper functions for reporting Redis commands as spans.

See module/apmredigo for more information about Redigo instrumentation.

Redis (go-redis/redis)edit

We support go-redis, v6.15.3. We provide helper functions for reporting Redis commands as spans.

See module/apmgoredis for more information about go-redis instrumentation.


We provide instrumentation for Elasticsearch clients. This is usable with the go-elasticsearch and olivere/elastic clients, and should also be usable with any other clients that provide a means of configuring the underlying net/http.RoundTripper.

See module/apmelasticsearch for more information about Elasticsearch client instrumentation.


We provide instrumentation for the official MongoDB Go Driver, v1.0.0 and greater. Spans will be created for each MongoDB command executed within a context containing a transaction.

See module/apmmongo for more information about the MongoDB Go Driver instrumentation.

RPC Frameworksedit


We support gRPC v1.3.0 and greater. We provide unary interceptors for both the client and server. The server interceptor will create a transaction for each incoming request, and the client interceptor will create a span for each outgoing request.

See module/apmgrpc for more information about gRPC instrumentation.

Service Frameworksedit

Go kitedit

We support tracing Go kit clients and servers when using the gRPC or HTTP transport, by way of module/apmgrpc and module/apmhttp respectively.

Code examples are available at for getting started.

Logging frameworksedit


We support log correlation and exception tracking with Logrus, v1.1.0 and greater.

See module/apmlogrus for more information about Logrus integration.


We support log correlation and exception tracking with Zap, v1.0.0 and greater.

See module/apmzap for more information about Zap integration.


We support log correlation and exception tracking with Zerolog, v1.12.0 and greater.

See module/apmzerolog for more information about Zerolog integration.