.NET Agent version 1.xedit


Bug fixesedit
  • Capturing request body with ASP.NET Core erased the body in some scenarios #539.
  • Integration with Serilog caused missing logs and diagnostic traces with NullReferenceException #544, #545.



Configure transaction max spans. #472

Bug fixesedit

Fixing missing "Date Modified" field on the files from the 1.1.0 packages causing an error while executing dotnet pack or nuget pack on a project with Elastic APM Agent packages. #527


  • ASP.NET Support, documentation can be found here
  • Central configuration (Beta)
Bug fixesedit
  • Addressed some performance issues #359
  • Improved error handling in ASP.NET Core #512
  • Fix for mono #164


Bug fixesedit
  • NullReferenceException on .NET Framework with outgoing HTTP calls created with HttpClient in case the response code is HTTP3xx #450
  • Added missing net461 target to the Elastic.Apm package
  • Handling Labels with null #429
  • Reading request body in ASP.NET Core. Also introduced two new settings: CaptureBody and CaptureBodyContentTypes. By default this feature is turned off, this is an opt-in feature and can be turned on with the CaptureBody setting. #402

1.0.0 GAedit

The 1. GA release of the Elastic APM .NET Agent. Stabilization of the 1.0.0-beta feature for production usage.

  • Out of the box integration with ILoggerFactory and the logging infrastructure in ASP.NET Core #249
  • Introduced StackTraceLimit and SpanFramesMinDurationInMilliseconds configs #374
  • The Public Agent API now support Elastic.Apm.Agent.Tracer.CurrentSpan #391
Bug fixesedit
  • Thread safety for some bookkeeping around spans #394
  • Auto instrumentation automatically creates sub-spans in case a span is already active #391
Breaking changesedit

We have some breaking changes in this release. We wanted to do these changes prior to our GA release and with this we hopefully avoid breaking changes in the upcoming versions.

  • For better naming we replaced the Elastic.Apm.All packages with Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll #371
  • Based on feedback we also renamed the UseElasticApm() method in the Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll package to UseAllElasticApm - this method turns on every component of the Agent for ASP.NET Core. #371
  • Our logger abstraction, specifically the IApmLogger interface changed: #389
  • To follow the Elastic Common Schema (ECS), we renamed our Tags properties to Labels. #416