Entity Framework 6edit

Quick startedit

You can enable auto instrumentation for Entity Framework 6 by referencing the Elastic.Apm.EntityFramework6 package and including the Ef6Interceptor interceptor in your application’s web.config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <interceptor type="Elastic.Apm.EntityFramework6.Ef6Interceptor, Elastic.Apm.EntityFramework6" />

As an alternative to registering the interceptor via the configuration, you can register it in the application code:

DbInterception.Add(new Elastic.Apm.EntityFramework6.Ef6Interceptor());

For example, in an ASP.NET application, you can place the above call in the Application_Start method.

Instrumentation works with EntityFramework 6.2+ NuGet packages.

Be careful not to execute DbInterception.Add for the same interceptor type more than once, as this will register multiple instances, causing multiple database spans to be captured for every SQL command.