Microservices, Continuous Delivery, and Elasticsearch at Capital One

Elasticsearch enables users to get started very quickly. However, deploying it to a distributed systems platform next to other production applications can get difficult. Corporate challenges like manual processes, change approvals, compliances, legacy systems, varying deployment targets, and scheduled downtimes can also prevent companies from releasing fast and frequently.

This presentation will focus on the implementation of Continuous Delivery and Microservices principles in Capital One’s cybersecurity data platform – which ingests 6 TB of data every day, and where Elasticsearch is a core component. Nori, Ben, and Anne will dive into the technical details around how their microservices foundation helps them build a reusable, shareable, and portable platform supporting Elasticsearch.

Noriaki Tatsumi

Noriaki (Nori) Tatsumi leads the development and operations of Cyber Tech data lake platform in Capital One's Security and Technology Analytics division. He has extensive experience in building high performance, resilient and secure applications with an emphasis on great user experience. Nori’s passion extends beyond crafting world-class software. He also promotes supportive team culture and CICD practices. Prior to joining Capital One, Nori was the Director of Engineering at Blackboard and is one of the co-founders of Anax Security.

Bingchen Hu

Bingchen (Ben) Hu is a senior full-stack data engineer in Capital One’s Cyber-Security and Technology Analytics. He has expertise in developing scalable big data platforms with focuses on web technologies, platform stability, and data governance. He is a passionate proponent of full stack engineering culture, non-functional coding best practices, and open source technologies. He is currently playing with Netflix OSS and making it work with Elasticsearch.

Anne Cather

Anne Cather serves as the Program and Product Manager for Cyber Tech data lake platform. She has extensive experience in leading successful delivery efforts in her 17 year career. Her focus is ensuring that the end user is getting what they need while aligning to the organization’s objectives and providing value to the business. Anne is passionate at dynamic delivery and meeting user expectations.