IT as the Transmission of the Sprint Business Engine

In this talk, Stefan will share how the IT department at Sprint transformed from beyond ensuring the company has enough hardware and is producing error-free code to helping business units across the company make data-driven decisions.


By ingesting nearly 3 billion records a day, including data from logs, databases, emails, syslogs, test messages, and internal and vendor application APIs, into the Elastic Stack. This 50 TB of real-time data allows their marketing team to monitor the performance and user experience of, their retail operations group to monitor the performance of their demo phones, their wholesale sales unit to understand the hundreds of B2B relationships they maintain, and much, much more.

Stefan Stroebel

At Sprint, Stefan Stroebel is using the Elastic Stack to lift the vail of IT to the business, allowing their massive amount of log data to be used to make vital business decisions. As a technical architect implementing many complex platforms in his 20 year IT career, none has made a faster, greater, broader impact than implementing the Elastic Stack. In just under two years, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana have been implemented to monitor 17,000 servers and 2,500 retail stores nationwide to understand the client journey on the company's web presence. Stefan is regularly called in to troubleshoot complex application performance issues and assist the business in understanding their customers better.