All About Aggregations

Aggregations are a powerful tool to gain insights into your data, but how do they actually work? In this talk, we will explore:

  • * how aggregations are executed 'under the hood'
  • * what users should be aware of when running aggregations
  • * the limitations of aggregations
  • * some ways to tweak their execution for both performance and accuracy

Attendees will leave this presentation with a rich understanding of how aggregations can make their lives better and their data even more useful.

Adrien Grand

Software Engineer chez Elastic

Adrien travaille avec Apache Lucene depuis 2010, et est devenu committer en 2012. Il a rejoint Elastic en 2013 et travaille sur des problèmes tels que la construction d’index, l’exécution de requêtes ou les agrégations.

Colin Goodheart-Smithe

Colin is an Elasticsearch Engineer based in London. Prior to joining Elastic, Colin worked at BAE Systems Detica, where he spent 5 years using Lucene to build search analytics products which scale to billions of documents.