15 novembre 2016 Nouveautés

Level-Up Your Logging!

Par Nathan ZamecnikThom O'Connor

How can we share Elastic Stack knowledge with more students around the world, while continuing to deliver a world-class level of training? Since we believe strongly that hands-on experience is the cornerstone to learning, how do we make sure that hands-on labs are a key component of our training? How do we deliver online training in a format that is personal and relevant? Can we maintain the high level of quality our students expect and demand?

These were the questions we faced as we looked to roll out our first Elastic Stack on-demand training course. And we believe we've succeeded with our first online course - Elastic Stack: Logging, based on Elastic Stack version 5.0.

This half-day, introductory course covers the entire Elastic Stack in professional quality audio and video - Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and X-Pack, and builds in about 3-4 hours of hands-on exercises that allows our community to learn the essentials of logging and then go deeper with advanced exercises.

As our first foray into this new medium, we researched and discovered a style that fits our Elastic culture. Using whiteboard-inspired learning, we can explain concepts that go beyond traditional slides, providing first the conceptual overview, then diagramming the concepts visually, and then drilling deeper into the implementation and finally cementing the understanding with labs. The training continues to have the in-person, one-to-one feel that we deliver in our classroom courses, but allows us to reach a broader global community of students with high-value curriculum at a reasonable cost. Finally, with a shorter course, we are able to focus intensely on one of a huge spectrum of Elasticsearch use cases. First up - logging!


Nathan in the studio recording the audio and video

This course has over 60 unique modules split into 6 sections and includes numerous challenging quizzes and hands-on labs which will leave you with a fully functional Elastic Stack solution. Learn how to collect system metric data using Topbeat and how to extract and ship log data using Filebeat to Logstash for transformation and loading into Elasticsearch. You will then learn how to visualize and explore this data using Elasticsearch aggregations and searches in Kibana quickly and correctly. Take a look at our course trailer to get a glimpse.

Is it time to level-up your logging? We hope you enjoy this course and welcome your feedback.

Register before December 31, 2016, with code 8CEC-4C94-98EC for a $50.00 discount.