Make short work of custom search implementation. The simple and intuitive interface of the Elastic App Search Service (powered by Swiftype) makes harnessing the power of Elasticsearch easier than ever within your custom applications. With its flexible controls, seamless scalability, robust APIs, and powerful search analytics, App Search helps you take control of search.


Any Platform, Any Data, Anywhere

Elastic App Search is a robust, yet flexible workhorse. Its schemaless ingestion coupled with an entirely cloud-based search infrastructure and management dashboard allow you to be up and querying in no time. Just index your data using one of the many available API clients — spanning multiple languages and platforms — and start searching.

Relevant, Tolerant

Elastic App Search is backed by Elasticsearch, with relevance models optimized for real life search. Not only can you take full advantage of an unrivaled relevance, you also get typo-tolerance, stemming, bigrams, and more, all out of the box.

Your Search, Your Way

By giving you complete visibility into user behavior, Elastic App Search analytics dashboard can help you customize your search engine to meet your goals. Use its intuitive interface to consult search query volume to create synonym sets, leverage clickthrough data to manually reorder results for a query, and assign weights and boosts to fine-tune the overall algorithmic precision.

Powerful APIs

Index, query, and manage your engines programmatically

Platform Agnostic

Index and consume from any language or platform, thanks to a simple and portable JSON interface

Unrivaled Relevance

Harness the power of Elasticsearch for your search use case

Intuitively Customizable

Synonyms, weights, boosts, and result pinning allow you to easily tweak result sets

Seamlessly Scalable

No matter your size or growth, your engines scale with you

Analytics & Insights

Leverage invaluable insight into user behavior to curate a better search experience

A Search Experience, Broadly Applicable


Dashboard search




Mobile app search


Geo search

Scalable, Powerful Application Search from $49 per Month

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