Elastic on Google Cloud Platform

In 2017, Google and Elastic took the search and analytics products you know and love and made them easy to deploy on the cloud infrastructure you trust.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a suite of cloud-based services to help users develop and run a multitude of applications. Using virtual machines hosted on Google's infrastructure, GCP allows users to run large-scale workloads with the reliability and performance of Google's global fiber network.

Users now have the option of launching a customized, hosted cluster using Elasticsearch Service on GCP with a few simple clicks. Elasticsearch Service on GCP provides access to the latest versions of our open source software, our Elastic Stack features, as well as Elastic support and consulting services. You can try it out for for free.

If you run Elasticsearch Service on GCP, you get Elastic Stack features that are only available with us. The Elasticsearch Service is not to be confused with the AWS Elasticsearch Service. This service is different, not supported by us, and doesn't come with our unique set of features, customized deployment templates for logging or security use cases, or Elastic support. Learn more about the differences between the services on our AWS Elasticsearch comparison page.

One-click deploy of Elasticsearch is also available on GCP, a performant option for organizations looking for a cloud-based, scalable solution to search and analyze data in real time. From centralized logging, to powerful search applications, to operational analytics, Elasticsearch on GCP lets you simply point, click, and provision an Elasticsearch cluster instantly.

The open source Elastic Stack allows users to easily take data from any source and visualize it with real-time, custom dashboards. It consists of Elasticsearch for search and analytics, Kibana for visualization and navigation, Beats for lightweight data shipping, and Logstash for data processing and ingestion.

You can try out the Elasticsearch Service with us on Elastic Cloud using GCP, or try one-click Elasticsearch deployment on GCP by visiting the Google Launcher website.