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Get Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash roadmaps and chat with our experts. Elastic{ON} Gov Summit brings you the helpful content and expert advice you need to drive success with Elasticsearch and the open source Elastic Stack in the public sector — all without leaving your desk.

  • See how public sector peers are using the Elastic Stack to address agency requirements and integrating Elastic tools into large-scale government programs.

  • Preview Elastic Security (SIEM + Endpoint) and learn how to use Elastic tools for more effective threat hunting, detection, and remediation.

  • Explore the new Elasticsearch operator for Kubernetes and get updates on FedRAMP certification.

  • Get an insider's view of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash roadmaps.

  • Learn about new features like Kibana Lens and dataframes.

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  • 11:00 a.m. – 11:10 a.m. EDT
    Opening Remarks
  • 11:10 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.

    Hear from the creators of the Elastic Stack on the future of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash, new features and solutions, expanding deployment options, and the evolving solutions landscape.

    Shay Banon, Founder and CEO | Elastic

  • 11:40 a.m. – 12:05 p.m.
    Running the Elastic Stack on Kubernetes + FedRAMP

    Hear updates on Elastic Cloud Enterprise, Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes, our efforts to streamline government use of Elastic in the public cloud, and the road to FedRAMP.

    Anurag Gupta, Cloud Product Manager | Elastic

  • 12:05 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
    Combining Logs, Metrics, and Traces for Unified Observability

    Learn how Elasticsearch efficiently combines data in a single store and how Kibana is used to analyze it. Plus, see how recent developments help identify, troubleshoot, and resolve operational issues faster.

    Tanya Bragin, Senior Director of Product Management | Elastic

  • 12:30 p.m. – 12:55 p.m.
    Search for All with Elastic Workplace Search

    Learn how we reimagined search in the workplace so you can get to the information you need quickly with a unified search experience, out-of-the-box data connectors, and simple search management interfaces.

    Matt Riley, Director of Product Management | Elastic

  • 12:55 p.m. – 1:20 p.m.
    User Story

    Hear from a public sector user leveraging the Elastic Stack to drive mission success.

  • 1:20 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
    Elastic Security: Enterprise Protection Built on the Elastic Stack

    Elastic Security provides global data threat prevention, collection, detection, and response. Learn how to outpace the adversaries with multi-layered technology, see live demos, and get answers to all your questions.

    Mike Nichols, Senior Director of Product Management for Elastic Security | Elastic

  • 1:45 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
    Partner Session

    See the latest and greatest from one of our Elastic partners.

  • 2:10 p.m. – 2:25 p.m.
    Ask the Experts: Q&A
  • 2:25 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
    Closing remarks
All times shown in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).



Shay Banon

Founder and CEO, Elastic


Anurag Gupta

Cloud Product Manager, Elastic


Tanya Bragin

Senior Director of Product Management, Elastic


Matt Riley

Director of Product Management, Elastic


Mike Nichols

Senior Director of Product Management for Elastic Security, Elastic


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