New York

November 9, 2017

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Elastic @ Vimeo: Elasticsearch for... SEARCH?

Vimeo engineers discuss the unique considerations required to build a scalable search product using Elasticsearch. This talk will explore some specific considerations Vimeo has encountered while designing their new, soon-to-be-launched search service, as well as themes relating to Elasticsearch's heritage as a scalable, distributed search engine using Apache Lucene.

Elastic @ BAI Canada: Analyzing a Football Stadium Worth of Wi-Fi Data Every Hour

BAI Canada/Transit Wireless has built a public Wi-Fi offering in both the Toronto and NYC subway systems, where roughly 2 million unique devices totaling 14 million log-ons per month use the service. Their implementation of the Elastic Stack handles around 10 million new records per day and growing. Learn how BAI Canada/Transit Wireless has designed, architected, and run the Elastic Stack to help report on and monitor usage in one of the largest types of Wi-Fi deployments.