Optum's Security Big Data Lake

Optum’s Cyber Defense organization utilizes Elastic within its Security Big Data Lake to search and pivot between cyber threats. The Hadoop and Elastic architecture of the data lake allows correlation and enrichment of logs prior to Elastic ingestion, accelerating investigation timelines. The SBDL can replace and improve on many cyber products offered by third parties at significantly lower cost and risk.

Michael Levin

Michael J Levin is the Senior Director responsible for Cyber Defense within Optum. Optum is the health services side of UnitedHealth Group, a Fortune 7 diversified health care company with $157 billion in revenue and 225,000 employees across 140 countries. He is the former Director of Security Design and Innovation within the U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services, as well as a Senior Associate with Deloitte, and Investigative Counsel with U.S. Office of Special Counsel. At Optum he utilizes Elasticsearch as part of a Security Big Data Lake project which is instrumentally changing the way Optum and UnitedHealth Group approach the challenge of Cyber Security.