Ferreting out Financial Fraud with the Elastic Stack at Discover Financial

Discover Financial is quickly sniffing out unusual and unacceptable transactions with a solution built on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Processing 30 transactions per second and retaining data for one year, Discover's platform is detecting fraud across the financial services company and enhancing risk management efforts.

See the high-level solution design and learn how the Elastic Stack solved key challenges by providing the flexibility of adding business rules and reducing data latency to support the post-alert investigation process using Kibana.

Jingsi Xia

Sr Manager, Payment Services Fraud | Business Technology, Discover Financial

Jingsi "Jessie" Xia leads Global Fraud Prevention Application team for Discover Financial Services. Prior to the current role, she served as manager of Fraud Decision Science team for Discover Financial Services. Jingsi has a strong background in data science and information security and combating online/card fraud. She holds Ph.D. degree in Statistics. During her career, Jingsi worked as Online and Remote Chanel Fraud Strategy Analyst for JPMorgan Chase and Research & Development Statistician for Adknowledge.

Rajesh Hari

Rajesh Hari is technical lead at Discover Financial services architecting distributed and BPM applications in Payment services.

In this role, he was responsible for design and build of key applications from ground up for Fraud Detection and monitoring products using web technologies and Business Process Automation. He holds Master's degree in Computer Applications.

Prior to Discover Rajesh worked as a Software Engineer developing web applications in Financial domain.