Under the Surface of Optum's Security Big Data Lake

Optum’s Cyber Defense organization utilizes the Elastic Stack within its Security Big Data Lake (SBDL) to search and pivot between cyber threats. The Hadoop and Elastic architecture of the data lake allows correlation and enrichment of logs prior to Elastic ingestion, accelerating investigation timelines. The SBDL can replace and improve on many cyber products offered by third parties at significantly lower cost and risk.

William Casey

William Casey leads the Optum Data Analytics and Security Innovation team within Cyber Defense. His team of data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts create threat models, produce advanced reporting, and provide support to more than 100 daily users of Optum’s Security Big Data Lake.

Johanna Favole

Johanna Favole is a data scientist at Optum. Part of the original Security Big Data Lake (SBDL) team, she now coordinates projects to expand it, while coaching new users and building dashboards to explore and explain network activity. In 2017, she will be analyzing relationships between network entities with Graph and digging into time series with Timelion.